Yiwu leggings trade association seminar holded

//Yiwu leggings trade association seminar holded

Yiwu leggings trade association seminar holded

Up to now, there are more than 2000 producers and processing households in Yiwu engaging in leggings industry, with more than 50,000 employees. And its annual sales volume reaches 680 million pieces, accounting for more than 50% of the total domestic market sales. Yesterday, the reporter, learned from the first general meeting of leggings industry association in Yiwu and future development seminar of this industry, reported that in addition to the domestic trade share is in a rapid growth, Yiwu market export proportion on leggings has also increased to about 30%.

Yang Xinmin, president of Yiwu leggings trade association, said that since polar fleece leggings came out in Yiwu market for the first time in 2000, the great market demand has stimulated operators in Yiwu, Pujiang, Dongyang, Zhuji, Wenzhou and other cities to enter the industry. After 2011, the leggings industry ushered in rapid development. No matter it is the product varieties, designs on style or production technology, they all have made considerable progress. Till now, the industry has basically formed a pattern with Shaoxing as the raw material supply base, the above-mentioned areas as the production and processing base, and Yiwu International Trade City as the sales platform.

Reporters, learned from this seminar, said that the development prospects of leggings industry is very promising, but for ordinary operators, how to reduce operating costs, and how to enhance the added value of products, is a problem to solve.

According to the incomplete statistics of the association, there are 1112 leggings operators active in Yiwu market. Some participants said that the relatively small size of a single operating entity virtually amplified the pressure of operating costs. Taking the rent of the first floor of the No.4 District of Yiwu International Trade City as an example, the annual rent of the better-positioned shops has risen to more than 300,000 yuan, coupled with rising human costs, and the pressure of operation is increasing. In addition, due to the growing number of employees in the industry, there is inevitably a price war between them, in order to win business. Sometimes they would rather take the order even if they would afford the loss.

Yang Xinmin said that as for the emerged problems, the association will encourage and help member enterprises and operators to transform into e-commerce in the future, so that some operators will try to get away from the traditional rental mode and reduce operating costs from the “throttling” aspect. Moreover, through the development of e-commerce, operators have the opportunity to expand more market share, in order to achieve the purpose of “open source”.

In addition, Yang Xinmin also said that through various efforts, the association will encourage practitioners to work harder on product quality and brand awareness to enhance product added value. Next, the association will help member enterprises to seek the possibility of cooperation with professional research institutes or team planning agencies to enhance the competitiveness of products in the domestic and foreign markets in terms of style design and fancy development.

At the seminar, the association also invited professional legal advisers to explain to the participants how to prevent possible economic disputes and trade fraud in the course of trade, so as to enhance their awareness of avoiding trade risks.

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